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The NCRS Archives are comprised of, but not limited to, Corvette related documents, data sheets, Technical Service Bulletins, drawings, assembly/owner’s manuals, books, and hundreds of other items. Until recently, these were unavailable to the membership. Now, everything is securely stored, catalogued and Archived in the Library of the Antique Automobile Club of America [AACA] in Hershey, PA.

What follows is a catalog of those items that are available. They are not online. You can not click on the link and pull up a copy of the 50 year old assembly drawing or any other document in this catalog. But you can find out that it does exist. You can visit or contact the AACA Library for research.

Although we encourage you to become a member of AACA in your own right, members and non-members can visit the Library and view anything in our Archives. Additionally, you can visit their facilities on line at Once at their website, you can search automotive related items or ask the Library staff to do research for you [].

If you want to see what the AACA has in store for you, click here:

Drawing Catalog
Parts Catalog
Corvette Book Catalog
Chevrolet Service News Catalog
NCRS Technical Information Manuals & Judging Guides
Owner's Manual Catalog
Miscellaneous Documents

If you have items you would be willing to give to the NCRS Archives, please contact me. Our current collection plus your continual contributions assure that NCRS will help to preserve the Heritage of Corvette and our hobby. Your contributions to the NCRS Foundation can be tax deductible under IRS 501 [c] 3.

Bill Sangrey
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1963 Corvette

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