Miscellaneous Documents

3" Green Binder, 54/66 Carter Carburetor Bulletins', Carter Manual, YH,WCFB,AFB, Lecture, 11/55
3” Binder, Service Training, Advance Service Info To dealers, 10/56 Eng Product Info, Shop Manual
Operations Manual, Advance Issue #2, 11/12/56, Rochester
Service Training Text #1220A, SAE Paper – Development 3/57 Automotive Service Digest
3/15/57, Op Manual, Advance issue #1238
11/1/57, Op Manual, Advance issue #1238
GM 58 Chevrolet Carburetor & FI Manual, TP-5
3/26/59 Symposium On F.I.
Rochester F.I. Manual, Form 1474
Other Bulletins regarding F.I.
3” Brown Binder, Technical Data, Bulletins, Radios, Wiring
Binder, 56 Pages, Circa 1970, Chev "Special Equipment" Off Road
1988 GM Production Options
ID Markings on Fasteners, Spring 1994
GM, A Ready Reference for the News Media, 5/96
Theory & Diagnosis, Various, ST 336-71, 1971
GM Part # Allocation 11/84
Corvette Service Operations, Body, 8/57, Reprint
Corvette Service Operations, Body, 5/60, Copy
Corvette Service Operations, Chassis, 8/57
Corvette Service Operations, Chassis, 4/60
Chevrolet Radio Service& Shop Man, 53, 54, 55 Corvettes
Chevrolet Radio Service& Shop Man, 56/57
98 Gen F & Y Car Specifications
Chevrolet Radio Parts Catalog (copy) Nov 1972
Chevrolet Parts Catalog & Dealer price Schedule dated 7-1-1955
C4-C5 ZF Transmission overhaul manual in German
1982 Revised Computer Command Control Diagnostic Chart


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